Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Bit About Us...

I love reading other people's blogs...seriously I am a big time blogger stalker, lol:) I am not sure if anyone would be interested in out crazy life but here it goes...
Josh and I have been married forever...well 10 years next year (Josh likes to remind me that he would be getting out for good behaviour) and we now have three little ones...Peter is 6, Charles is 4 and Kathleen is turning 2 very soon.
Josh works shift work, money is great and the hours suck. I work as a dog groomer full time and I have a little bow making biz.

Things are so busy here! Maybe once a month or once every 2 months Josh and I might have days off together, Peter is in hockey and gymnastics, we are renovating, and we have a houseful of is NUTTY here!!

So now for our (Josh is gonna kill me for this!)

Josh is the type of guy everyone thinks is soooo quiet, and never says anything. With his friends he is loud, funny, always knows a good joke, brilliant in math (okay he is CREEPY with math, the guy can estimate a grocery bill, by looking through a cart,  and be off by less then a dollar), I think he can build or fix just about anything. He adores his kids, easily irratated by me, can cook but not bake. And he is colour blind, which explains the years of ugly red shirts (the colour red he chose was ugly, not the style).

Peter is special:) He is brilliant in school, loves anything with a motor,worships his Papa, loves Friday Night Movie Night, he loves routine, sameness, the colour green.

Charles is grumpy and stubborn, looks like a mini-me of my Dad, he has dimples that melt my heart and he is growing up too fast!

Kathleen is sweet, cute, charming...and did I mention slightly evil?? She is going through the terrible two's with a style that will never be forgotten! She loves her dolls, her purse, her necklace and hairbows (she is such a girl!) and loves to take whatever her brothers have in their hands.

As for me...I love when people say I am easy going and nothing bothers me...(and repeat that to my husband and he will be on the ground, with tears in his eyes, laughing). The dirty truth? I am high strung, always too many projects on the go, I love my jobs, I adore my kids and wish I could stay home with them and someone pay me to do so. I am a terrible housekeeper from Tues-Sat (my work schedule). I believe in snuggling with my kids trumps dishes.
I am chronically tired and never get enough sleep, but that could be because at least 2 out 3 kids are up at least 4+ times at night...and I spend the rest of the time worrying about things (my husband doesn't worry I do it for both of us).

So, that is us in a nutshell...

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