Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who said it was Easy?

I am now an official stay at home MOM!!

The past few months I have been having hallucinations about our home life with me being a full time Mom...however I am being reminded daily that I kinda suck at being a stay at home Mom!

The dream:
Breakfast will be homemade oatmeal with fruit. The kids will get up and revel in the fact their clothes are neatly in their dressers. The morning walk to school will be filled with happy conversations between the kids and I.

The reality:
Breakfast is whatever is fastest, with one out of three not happy with the choice and wailing their displeasure. We are running 20 mins late, it has rained everyday. The only conversation is, 'Hurry!!!' (from me) and 'There are NO pants in our drawers!' (cause I am behind like 20 loads of laundry)

The dream:
I will clean the house Flylady style, it will be clean, fresh, tidy and flowers on the table.

The reality? The kids are up at 5am and going through the cupboards and eating anything they can reach and swearing the dogs (who are still in the crates) ate the leftover cookies...the house is in spots knee deep in laundry...and flowers? Who am I kidding? The weather is still cold and WET! lol

I am enjoying it...way more then I ever thought. I have been getting calls and people are asking if I am going to start back up...nope...not now...not sure when and not making plans.

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