Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long days...big changes

I love my job and normally the time flies by and I look up and realize it is 4pm and I have to FLY the days are creeping, I am sore and achey and whiney...I have 9 days to pack up 4 years worth of stuff in my shop...and I don't have time or energy...

But on a grooming note that is very positive, I was asked to do a seminar on grooming! That is excited! People actually want to pay money to listen to me babble about my day job! (Insane huh??!!) Organizing it is turning into a wee bit of a fiasco, I need to find a space and the hotel I was hoping to have it at is convinced that my professional groomed dogs will cause severe allergies...compared to their ancient dirty carpets...i have my doubts. So, I am still looking for a place to host the event.

Josh bought me a new phone, a fancy schmancy iphone...someday I will figure out how to turn it on an off. Those basic functions are still a mystery. My sister told me I just need to sit and play with all my many hours of spare time. Bahaha! I cannot remember the last time I was just sitting and bored and waiting to do something.
The hardest part of the phone? The SLIDE don't touch or tap you slide your fingers along the screen to wear the letters are (looks like you are reading braille) and the phone figures out what you are typing...but I think the phone and I speak different languages...I will type, 'Hi Tina, see you soon!' And I would get "Hi tunafish, seaweed you schooner!' I keep sending emails from my computer explaining to people that I did not have a lobotomu, just my phone is evil.

Josh bought a new car, 2005 Kia, paid a REALLY low price and it only has 24,000kms on it which is AWESOME! (considering our late Kia Spectra 2006 had 200,000 kms on it as of LAST YEAR....). Josh changes jobs on Friday and no longer can carpool, which is a bit sad because it has been GREAT having one vehicle for savings wise...but it is also  pain when I work 40 mins west of our home and he works 30 mins when he cannot carpool or our schedules don't mesh we need to call in some favors.

We are still madly in love with that house, Josh is waiting to start his new job and then off to the bank he goes...he got one part of the paperwork done and got an okay...the big question is can we keep the old house we live in and buy this one and hold both mortgages? Things will be tight but I can do without to have this home!

Other sister Leah has finally decided after being engaged for 5 years they are getting married this summer!! She is the worst reluctant bride but I asked to handle and pay for her family dinner aka reception and she agreed and now we are having a BLAST!!! We chatted all night about wedding stuff and it was awesome!! She and I really lost touch and there was too much distance between us, but now it is like old times.
So I need to plan a wedding and make it CHEAP:)

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