Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twas the Season....

Well the holidays are now over and I can say with a full heart is was FUN!

Josh was lucky enough to be off on the morning of the 24th, so we had plenty of fun at our family's annual Christmas Eve Party.
The party is held at my parents house, next door, tons of food, family and friends and this year we decided we needed a few giggles and did an ugly sweater competition (glue guns were out in full force!) and an ugly gift competition.

My sister Sam had to 'plug' her sweater in!

Notice my pink sweater...and the sleeves? Nothing says festive like feathers!!

This was Sam's ugly gift....I have been staring at this for 4 years...not by choice! the store next to me is a pawn shop and this beauty has graced their front window.

Josh brought this lovely! What every home needs! A shiney horse head!

A 'BABY' and kitchen set...everytime someone asked her what Santa was bringing she would scream 'BABY!!!' for a month now.

Charlie got his beloved tool bench.

Daddy was tired....did you know that kitchen set was 1000 pieces??? Needless to say he was up late trying to put it together. Took her 2 seconds to rip the top part off.

The kids were thrilled with their spoils...

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