Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crafter ADD

I love to craft and create and buy things to create things with...and I have a massive hoard to prove it!!!

During and directly after high school I had a TON of crafting stuff. Back then I painted, and did miniatures and some bad sewing. The hoard filled the one and only closet in the apartment. Between my full time job and full time university load I never had time, and it sat there...and sat there...and every time I had to open that closet I was ashamed...so I stopped buying craft stuff and forced myself to sit down and decide what to keep and FINISH and what to throw out.

2 years later...I finished the last craft. I was pretty decent about buying no more craft stuff...then I because a dog groomer...and had retail and made most of the clothes. i bought stuff for that and it sold very well! I had a lot of fun making cute doggy stuff! (yes, for you non-dog lovers we do like to dress our dogs, some people are not blessed with children and dogs are more then willing to fill that empty spot).

The third baby and pregnancy from hell, stopped the sewing...(hard to sew and not get vomit on anything!). I packed up the sewing stuff and material in ONE tote (I am proud of that!) and stored it.

Last summer came a new venture...bows! Tutus!! Then a new serger for Xmas which I have had no time to use!! I am seriously having too much fun with girly stuff!! I found out how to get really good prices (and no, I cannot share tell you why someday).

The hoard now has two sections in the house, is a permanent wreck...more keeps coming cause I keep buying but life is very busy right now...I start something and stop, start and stop, too tired, not now...and all those other excuses.

I am going to try to be more diligent about finishing some things!!!! I am telling myself NO new projects till I FINISH something...and that feels like pulling teeth sometimes.

I will post them here...I am still on a personal ego high from having something featured on Prudent Baby!!

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