Monday, February 14, 2011

Groovin to the Oldies...

Happy V-day...Josh I spent a good 20 minutes playing with that...Happy VROOM Day! Happy Vacation Day!! Happy Venereal Disease Day!!! (Josh blurts that one out as we were paying for something at the cashier station...he thought he was pretty funny...)

Every year Josh gets me lovely, over priced red roses...and he buys me more and more every year. I do love flowers!! They are pretty! They smell nice!! I also have small children that love to pick the petals off...and no where to place flowers in this tiny house. They usually end up sitting on the counter till they die...(now my sister Leah hangs her up and lets them dry and they displays those...not my thing, in my house the spiders would think I gave them a new scented pad).

This year roses were not going to work....

Mister Arthur is 7 months old and has no brains. He will eat the roses...we all bet he will because he eats everything else.

Cards are spend too much money on paper and then throw it away...or keep it out of guilt and throw it away someday or hope it is ruined somehow, while in storage ...and takes up space.. Ugh!

I wanted to do something romantic!! Timing was a massive issue too, Josh has had like 3 days off since Christmas...the man is going to have to change her personal address from home to work.

This year we were cheap, but thoughtful. We did playlists! 14 songs for the 14th of February...songs that made us laugh and smile and walked us down memory lane. We had some fun with this project. We both like music, not fanatics but we do like it. it was better then the usually valentine hoopala.

I started mine with the MOST romantic song.  I remembered our favorite song from high school, we used to ALWAYS slow dance to that one. Josh and I love to dance and it is so rare that we get to do so, his work party had a dance and we had a blast!!! We danced to some new favorites. I also added an old stand by favorite, gotta love the oldies!

Josh's playlist made me laugh! I can't post what songs he picked but needless to say it was funny, made me laugh, was so NOT romantic but would make me blush scarlet in public.

It was a good day. A truly romantic day, which is rather significant considering we are as unromantic as you can get but we try.

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