Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

ON WEDNESDAY! (sorry I had to use caps I am that excited!). I am flying out to Atlanta, GA, for a dog grooming seminar and competition! (without the chillans and hubby!) Poor Josh is going to have to care for all three kids for 3 days with no help from me! Then my mother and mother-in-law are splitting up the kids for the weekend.

My kids are so excited for me to leave it isn't funny! (to them it means getting away with murder and presents when I return!).

I need this trip! Some people didn't think I should be going (leaving others to the mercy of my kids!!) but I need a little ME time, a refresher! I will be homesick by day three (I always am!), but it will feel good!!!

This trip has already had some speed bumps in the way...we didn't know if Josh would have a job come April 1st, flights were insanely expensive, trying to find sitters, sitters backing out, family voicing opinions that I should not go (which hurts, I would kill for some support), application snafu's, hotel snafu's, dog snafu's...I am hoping all the little bumps are DONE and now I can go with no issues.

I am renting a dog (yes you can rent dogs!)...a chubby black standard poodle with a short tail (not great but will do!). I am terrible nervous, not a bit packed, and in no way ready at all!!

I also do not plan to win the competition...this is the world's LARGEST grooming competition! I mean to place there is like AMAZING...and really short of a miracle...I may need a little miracle there!

I am also realizing this is probably my LAST seminar and trip and competition for a few years...which kills me in some ways! There is a competition in Ontario that is not too expensive to attend but it is being held in the middle of summer...and you cannot fly dogs in the summer (lovely heat embargo...right now it is a winter embargo...cannot win!) I scratched that off my list...and come fall? Well if you read my blog (very few do so I am may be talking to outer space right now) then you know we are planning/thinking/dreaming of having Bagley #4....travelling with a nursing baby is not going to happen...

So, off I go in a couple of days! Wish me luck! I will be happy with a smooth travel, no hiccups, a decent groom (a placement would be pretty sweet but good comments would be nice) and FUN! Spoonfuls of it!!

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