Monday, February 21, 2011

Selling the Dream

I did it! I put my little shop up for sale! In some ways it was bittersweet. I worked so hard for that dream. I have spent too many hours in that shop and I really have enjoyed working there. I made it successful and I am proud over my accomplishment.

In some ways I am scared when (or if!) I get that call and someone is interested...not for the change but rather the paperwork that will be involved to legal sell the business.

I am already anxious and wishing the place would SELL already! I am worried because shops in my area do not typically get bought or sold...they just close.

But this is perfect for someone who doesn't want the risk of opening a business (95% of new businesses close within one year...) because it is already established...I already did all the hard work! I will admit I didn't give it my all the past two years because I have been trying to balance work and family (family seems to win...) and the shop could be bigger, my clients, more money coming through the doors.

Once it is sold I will work from home (once the new home shop is built) cause I really cannot just stop dog grooming, I mean it is FUN...and I like making money doing things I love. It is also nice knowing that if need be I could support my family.

Now I wait....for it to sell...

So, wanna buy a pet grooming shop?

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