Monday, March 14, 2011

Flying with Feather Dusters

I am a rotten housekeeper. I truly am!! I am not going to post any gross pictures of how BAD of a house keeper I am but if you look closely at any of the pictures I do post wiht the kids insde you can clearly see what I rotten little housekeeper I really am.
I despise dishes, those I can let build up and up and up....I am ashamed that it was the number one reason my roommates hated me:(

IU love clean and tidy houses and I wish my house was clean and tidy but I have found that after work and kids and laundry...I am BEAT! I just don't have a clue! Please don't tell me to JUST DO IT...well that doesn't just happen! i run around tidying and then look around and see the house looks no better.

BUT!!! (oh yes! I have a but in there!!) There was ONE time in my life my house was NEAT as a FREAKIN PIN!!! When I was pregnant with Charlie, I followed Flylady.

I have known about flyady since 2004, when I was pregnant with Peter but I only half followed it...but then we bought our FIRST house!! Oh, I wanted to be the housekeeper in my dreams!

I followed Flylady hardcore, I had the control journal, did the tasks, read the emails, etc... it drove me nuts and in 3 weeks I realized my house was SPOTLESS!! I was so excited!!! it hardly took any time but I felt so in control and I really was on cloud nine.

Even after Charles was born, I went back into my routine and the house stayed tidy and clean and I was so proud!!

When Charlie was 11 weeks old I went back to school, opened a business and the house went to hell in a handbasket.

Since then, I have been a rotten housekeeper, very rare do we have company over because I cannot handle the stress of crisis cleaning!!

My career days are coming to an ending due to an injury that has reared its ugly head and making my working life miserable and making me considering just folding my business SOON. but I am secretly VERY excited because I am going back to Flylady!!

(I know there are tons of people who work and do Flylady...lovely for you, I cannot, not in my genetic makeup.)

I know Flylady works for me and I was so proud of my home...when I was in the hospital with Charlie my darling husband decided he would make ME proud and go through my cleaning journal and follow my routine...he started in the mid afternoon and was still cleaning till 3am...not realizing that there was a method to the madness and the routine only took an hour but it made me feel like SuperHousewife!!

I am excited about getting my daughter's room has been a wreck for over a YEAR...I have not had the entire house tidy since Charlie's infancy....

Sounds funny that the girl who HATES housecleaning cannot wait to leave her job she loves to clean...

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