Monday, March 14, 2011


Josh is back on night shift...feels like lately all he does is work (cause in fact he does work nearly all the time, no days off here!) and I am doing my usual 5 year old routine of not going to bed when I should. Instead of crawling into bed like a sensible person, I am scrolling through blogs, entering new sights, reading, hoping to find some thing that will pique my interest.
The simple truth is I want something to ease the lonely feelings. Drives Josh bananas that I am this needy...cause lordy knows he is not but 'I yam who I yam!', I know there are millions of woman just like me and I wish I could take come comfort in that.
I would rather both home bored with him then alone and bored.
Besides? Who can get bored sitting at home with a guy like him? :)

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