Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not too shabby...

When I arrived in Atlanta I had a split moment thought that I would never leave...cause the grass was green, the air was WARM, the roses were in bloom....and well...Canada had 6 feet of snow covering everything...can you understand why it was tempting to just call hubby and ask him to drive down??

I belong to an awesome soriety of sorts call the CATS aka the Cape and Tiara Society, we are all dog groomers and we do good things for others by raising money sending cards, etc. And we wear dorky crowns and walk around the convention like we own the place (cuz we are so cool...)

Competing was time consuming, you have to bond with the dog, play with the dog comb out the dog, get a bathing time at an ungodly hour, wake up at 5am to get the ring I nearly cried. Normally you have 1-3" of extra hair...I had 18" (we measured cause it was so funny). The dog was well behaved and looked like a new dog when i was done but I was SOOOO tired and terrified and MAD!! I was! I KNEW I did not have a chance in hades to win, and I like to win...I had 2.5 hours to groom and the first hour was spent HACKING off extra hair...when i should have been sculpting...

But after the winners were announced i was ready to leave the judge waved me over and told me she had me pegged at 4th!!!! That is insane!!! it is the world largest grooming competition and I came 4th in my division!! But I got a free lesson and learned a ton, got a ton of sleep and lost 17lbs eating nothing but junk food and good southern food (YUMMY!!!).

I am glad to be home, I took the remaining week off because of march break here but I do NOT want to go back to work...and I also now know that my grooming days are very numbered, my rotator cuff is torn and not getting better. So between eating Ibuprofen (which causes stomach/liver issues) and wishing I could stay home to get this house CLEANER...ugh....I am feeling less and less like going back.

I am saying for sure I am DONE July 1st....but that date may move up sooner...

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