Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday Afternoon...

We took the dogs in the afternoon to get their pictures taken. Randi Gallant is awesome, so hard to get into but somehow I managed it! (could help that we have done some charity work together)
Crosby of course was awesomely behaved but ignored Randi...she would try to get his attention and he was looking at me, as if to say, 'Mom someone is squeezing a squeaky toy but and I sitting like I am supposed to?'

Reggie was next and he was not too badly behaved for an old fart...but his poor mouth won't stay shut and where the jaw was broke, it hangs open and his tongue hangs out...but  he was thrilled that I had not only blueberry doggy treats but salmon ones too! (a way to man's or beast's heart is through their stomach)

Kenzie...well she was normal Kenzie...weird, freaked out, completely paranoid over the whole situation. Bonus: she didn't pee on anything. I was happy.

Randi wanted to get a a group shot of all the dogs...right... Reggie and Crosby were no problem, they like each other and will nap together. Kenzie and Reggie are brother and sister and connected at the hip...but Kenzie and Crosby? Well...Kenzie likes to scream at him and he gets fed up with her strangeness (I mean he has been around for nearly 6 years now) and bops her on the head with his paw (which results in her turning ballistic and bit like the Tasmanian devil).

So, we tried and Kenzie was 'stiff' to say the least, Reggie wanted more food and Crosby was BORED...he knows every trip to the city means a visit to his best buddie's house or a trip to the dog park.

Trip to the dog park was funny for other reasons...Kathleen fell face first into mud, we were the only ones there and therefore I let the kids have free reign. The yorkies stood in the mud whining...they are not used to such harsh conditions like real dogs. Crosby got bored again with his sucky siblings.

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