Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Building an Ark

Up here in New Brunswick, Canada we normally enjoy pretty white Christmases but at least frosty green ones...but yesterday we experienced something a bit weird...Florida weather!! Not the balmy sunny kind but rather the rainy, humid windy kind!! At first the kids were a bit excited but all the wind...the rain was coming done HARD...then then our dog started whimpering, for no reason. I missed his cue but soon he gave a nice wail or a warning and BOOM!! Thunder and lightning!! UNREAL! We normally have NEVER seen or heard of that in December and 10 days before Christmas.

Being a smart mommy, I took Kathleen with me to the grocery store because all I thought was if we lose power I cannot cook dinner...and if I can`t cook the kids are gonna be cranky...worst of all that means no cartoons and that could be ugly!

So, I made a super yummy super at 3pm (which immediatly prompted a tantrum from Charlie who becomes instantly starving at the smell or sight of food)...and the power never went off. I totally jinxed that scenario. (told you I was smart!)

After the kids were all asleep the reality sunk in...our county was flooding and flooding fast.  St Stephen has declared a state of disaster.

Yup it is really bad, that was taken in the evneing and this morning the flooding is 8 feet deep...and guess what folks? My grooming shop is on the same street as all this fun!

My grooming friends are all worried for me and sympathetic but guess what? I am betting, with 100% accuracy that my shop is FINE and dry. I am going into work tomorrow with this faith...and the part that scares me the most? This is my busiest time of the year, as in dog-gone nutty...and I had to cancel all my clients for today and rebook them before Christmas, so work is going to be over crowded, over booked and plain out miserable. Yippers...

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