Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pied Piper

Josh and I have always loved animals...a little too much. We we were first married we had out two cats Evil EB and Josie. Both were cranky, uncuddly and loved to shred furniture and then EB decided litterboxes were for the birds...sad to say (and no great surprise) I discovered I was NOT a cat person.

We have our dogs who I love like furry kids but cats and me? Nope...not a cat person.

Till EB and Josie both passed this summer...I declared I was NOT getting another cat....two weeks later a mouse ran acorss the kitchen floor and I found mousie poo in a nasty place (any place I found mousie poo is nasty!).
Traps didn't work, I found more poo (mice must have thought it was a cats and toddlers...) and then the search the the PERFECT cat, for non cat lovers...

The kids and I went to the Saint John ARL, but never found any the pulled at our heart strings...we went to the Charlotte County SPCA...but nothing there...and then I was back to the CCSPCA and took a second look at a little grey cat the kids held that didn't claw their eyes out when they played with him. Arthur.

A month later the furball came to stay. Initially he drove me batty with clawing the walls, chasing anything that moved, the dogs chased him, the kids chased him and he chased everyone...and I slowly felt like a zoo keeper who just realized that all the cages had been opened up!

But Arthur has won over the family and dogs...well truthfully my kids were madly in love with him the moment the saw the fluffball. Josh and I...not so much. But the cat must have had a chat with one of the dogs...he uses his litter bow like a proper cat, he doesn't claw people, he puts up with the kids (he needs a medal for that one).

As you can see the poor thing puts up with being the kids favorite play toy with no complaints from him...but I guess it sure beats living in a cage at the shelter hoping to be adopted.

Josh makes fun of me because I have quite the trail of followers now...before it was just the yorkies, then Crosby our poodles, Kathleen is usually at my heels or handing off of me and now Arthus has taken to following me too...I look like the Pied Piper walking through the house with the trail of kids and animals.

It took Josh a while to warm to the kitty...last week Arthur finally broke the barrier. He found, killed and presented a dead mouse to us (actually my mother in law got the present). he announced he earned his keep and now when he has a nap cuddles with the cat.

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