Thursday, December 9, 2010

Short but Crazy

The title could be referring to me or after work and at home with the kids....

I am terribly short...Josh likes to point out that I am really only a an inch off being a little person...I am 4 ft 11"...

I like my height, it is easy to recognize me in a crowd...I am the shortest adult. I am so used to not being able to reach things it really doesn't faze me anymore. I like that shoes in size 6 are cuter (I used to work in shoe sales and I can say that as an expert, small shoes =cuteness).
The down side? Buying clothes suck:(  Regular sized clothing is made for TALL people, that does not only include leg lengths but also armholes, shoulers, seams...hence why I hate shopping.
The work thing about my height? 5 lbs on me is an entire SIZE...I weigh the same as my friend (there is no way in God's green Earth will I divulge my weight). She is tall and curvy...but same weight on my shorty body? I am a dumpling:( C'est la vie!

and am I crazy? Oh, we won't argue that one...

Now on to the original part of my post...I get home from work just before 5pm, I pick up the kids are proclaim loudly the entire trip from sitter's to home that they are starving ( I will bet money they have spent the day emptying the sitter's fridge)...once home we have the usual tussle of me yanging to them to hang up coats, lay out your boots, don't throw them there! Pick that up! Don't tramp through the house with wet boots! (that one is a daily thing with Charlie who after 4 yrs is still oblivious to the fact that his boots are muddy and/or wet and there is always something on the other side of the room that he must inspect NOW)

Once free of their wraps, food in tummies (bless the inventor of crock pots and microwaves!), they then have about an hour to amuse themselves before bedtime...

Tonight's entertainment? The boys stripped to their skivvies, grabbed some thick mittens and hats and decided to 'box'...Peter gravely told me after I told them to stop that 'boxing was not fighting, it was a sport!'  Sorry bud! Aint happening here!

5 minutes later I find Kathleen stripped to her pull up, spinning in circles, getting so dizzy she falls over and laying there laughing till she recovers..

and yes she did that for an entire hour till bathtime:)

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