Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Secrets of a Lazy Mom

This morning started as a normal  morning, alarm went off at 7:10 and I hunkered in bed till 7:30pm, cuddling Kathleen and listening to the radio, knowing I was making myself late, trying to justify the laziness with the fact that the school was closed and did not need to drive Peter there and that would save 10 mins...but wishing I didn't have to go to work (****disclaimer at the bottom)

After peeling myself from the bed and getting the kids fed, everyone dressed I put the dog out and VOILA!!!!

Five inches of the fluffy stuff...attempted to move the van and decided, after the van swerved sideways in our driveway, that I was STAYING HOME!!!!  I cancelled my day, called clients, and played Scarlett O'Hara regarding the worries of all those appointments I now needed to reschedule.

So the day typical fashion I did about 15 mins of housework...then sat at the computer...boys went outside to play and Kathleen decided my lap was the place to be entertained.

And in the means of housework go done...

Talked on the phone with my sister till my phones died.

And nothing got done....

Did some purchasing for my hair accessories biz...

And nothing got done...(do you see a trend?)

Boys went outside to play a second time and Kathleen and I decided to do something productive...we started by eating chocolate...

and then did some holiday baking. We made peanut butter and chocolate squares (bars for all you American folks), whipped up some batter for sugar and shortbread cookies (setting in the fridge and ready for rolling and cookie cutters).

Ended my evening with Kathleen showing me how to feed her babies...her screaming BABY at 80 dbls and showing her her cheesy smile...

And then it hits me....

Every evening a please a logical argument for me staying home full time with the kids and part of that argument involves me complaining about the state of the housework....and the house is a pit.

Now, when my darling hubby is home with the kids, and I am at work, I know that i will arrive to dishes 1/3 done and 4+ loads of laundry washed but piled unfolded on the couch but the rest of the house? Well, if a house could throw up...that is the look at he has been home for a day.

But me? Oh! I am much smarter then that! These are my top secret tips to cleaning quickly so it looks like you have worked hard all day! (yes, I am brazen enough to write this because my husband doesn't read this blog)

The trick is to do enough dishes that the counters are clean, but leave the sink full of those that need to soak.
Make sure counters and kitchen table are clean.
Floors and one couch clean (one is usually piled with stuff)
Grab a laundry basket and fill with homeless items (toys, hairbrushes, dog stuff that is Just laying around and needs to be put away but that takes TIME)
Straighten the tidy couch cushions.
Cook something yummy and snacky so he doesn't notice the rest of the mess...
Pick one area that is normally a big mess and take the time to clean that...(today that was the craft area which is always a wreck but now is TIDY)

Sorry dear but it never look at the house and compliment me for all my hard work...and yes the truth is I was lazy today and played with my kids:)

***I should put a disclaimer to my whines about going to work, it is not the job itself but the hectic life that needs to revolves around my career...I love my job, I love my work, sometime I will post more about this...right now I need to go rescue the bathroom from the boys who are playing in it:)

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