Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the Season

To start I have to say I LOVE Christmas...

But nothing gets my goat more then people around me who whine they are not 'feeling' Christmas, doesn't feel like Christmas yet, not in the spirit..bah humbug you cranks:) I say this with a smile, truly I do:)

I AM in the spirit and mostly because I completely embrace the season. I love the lights on the houses, I am still awestruck at night by the prettiness (and now that I am older I recognized the effort and stress that went into putting up all those lights and better yet the TAKING down that will have to happen). After picking up the kids from the sitters I love how they are actually quiet and GOOD in the van because they are anticipating seeing those pretty lights.

I love the smell of Christmas! We are talking sugar cookies and cinnamon....and let me add these scents are 100% fake:) The sugar cookie smell is from the doggie cologne I use on the dogs are the shop during the holiday season (yes clients LOVE this) and the cinnamon smell is from my Scentsy:) (Don't know what scentsy is? Well you are SOOO missing out! I LOVE it, my friend Jenny sells it and she raved and raved...I thought I gotta try it and I am not a huge fan of scented candles and such but this? Oh me! Oh my!! Oh the delish smells that me house now has (not the usually doggie, little boy, hockey gear smell)! Check it out here and fall in love (and no I don't get paid to say this...rather I plunk down more money on the scents:)

I love the food...I know I would walk/waddle away from Christmas if it were not for some careful eating...I do eat all the sweets I want cause is Christmas! But I eat a uber healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner to make up for the sugar...and I figure with the extra cleaning I do for the big day I MUST burn some calories somewhere??!!

I also LOVE the decorations!! I am crazy about Michaels Craft Store and their holiday deco stuff...I should be banned from the store cause I always find something I cannot live without and they are on the top of my list to hit on Boxing Day Sales...

So, my house is decorated, my tree is up, outside lights WILL be finished once Josh has a few days off, cookies batter is all made, snowman cupcakes are nicely burnt and cooling on my stove (another rant about my stove for another day), my kids are excited because we are braving the malls this Saturday so they can sit with Santa...yes the big man is alive and well in our house:)

The Wish Book is in near tatters from little ones pouring over the pages, fingers are sticky from licking the beaters...

More then anything I am grateful! I feel so blessed that I do have a wonderful holiday with my family and my kids. My children are all healthy, our house is warm, our fridge is full.
I remember the first two Christmases that Josh and I spent as a couple, it was nice being together and spending the holiday with our families but after that our family grew and this season became as exciting as it was when we were children.

For the whiners who are not in the holiday spirit, get some:)

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