Monday, December 13, 2010

The Truth was Revealed

Last week Charlie announced that he needed to see Santa, to 'have a talk with him'...I will admit my heart gave a little skip. What would come out of his mouth...seriously?! Charlie has a penchant for saying the ONE thing you asked him not to say!

I took him to the bathroom at Walmart, while Josh was at the checkout with the other two we were washing our hands I gave him the nice motherly speech about not having to talk about being in the bathroom, just to be quiet and talk with his brother and we approached the checkout, Charlie announced to the packed holiday shoppers, 'Daddy! I just had a BIG POOP!' Nice, glad my little talk sunk in...

So, off to Santa we go...two Saturdays before Christmas, the parking lot was filled and gave an eery feeling of how crazy it was going to be inside. However we soon discovered that the line up for Santa? Only one kid away...

For weeks my kids have been talking non-stop about Santa...even Kathleen answers glibly, 'Baby, Barbie' when we ask what is Santa bringing you? They have poured over the wishbook, have studied all the pictures of Santa from the Christmas books...watched the movies...and now the moment had arrived....

And struck all three dumb! Peter came around, surprisingly, and then Charlie. Charlie only whispered his wishes and thankfully no announcements!

And Miss Kathleen! Oh, she looked the part and was cute as a button and I just say the best dressed kiddo there but she would only stare and decided she was not getting too close. Getting all there in a picture is always a bit of a we take what we can get (and excuse the crappy picture of the picture, I have no scanner).

I think Kathleen was too much in awe that this mythical 'Santa' was there in the flesh...
Overall, it was a GREAT day, nearly finished out shopping, kids were SUPER behaved and we even braved eating at a restaurant. Peter only had one panicky moment in a store that was a little too overwhelming.

The best part of the day? All three kids fell asleep on the drive home, and then went straight to bed with no fuss that night:)

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